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“Donald The Orange Returns Triumphantly As Donald The White”

Karmi August 25, 2023

Courtesy of The Babylon Bee – “Donald The Orange Returns Triumphantly As Donald The White” to destroy the Swamp Lord, The Swamp, and the entire evil Progressive ‘Deep State‘:


Gun Safety courses for American Schools & Mine Safety courses for Ukrainian Schools

Karmi August 14, 2023

  Many American Public schools no longer focus on teaching The three Rs – said as “reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic“. Public schools in America focus more on Sexually Grooming Children,


I identified as a Pirate @ age 5 🏴‍☠️

Karmi April 8, 2023

H/T Power Line — The Week in Pictures: This Bud’s Not For You There were five forms of governance that migrated from theory to reality in the 20th Century: Socialism,


Budweiser — ‘King Queen of Beers since 2023′

Karmi April 3, 2023

Budweiser — “This Bud’s for you.” Bud Light — ‘This Bud’s for Dylan Mulvaney‘?!? I quit drinking in 2006, and Bud was my favorite beer at that time — tho


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