Fedora Linux

Fedora Cinnamon SPIN is one of the ‘Alternative desktops for Fedora‘ โ€“ I go w/ Cinnamon because it has that Windows’ ‘Feel‘ about it. It also allows me to log in as the root user on my own computers. Fedora is in the Top 3 of Linux Distros โ€“ I rank it 1b in my personal rankings.

Will also include some Distros that are based on RHEL & Fedora on this page.


1/1/2024: Nobara Linux 39

11/26/2023: Ultramarine Linux 39 โ€“ โ€˜Based on Fedoraยฎโ€™

11/8/2023: Fedora 39 Cinnamon SPIN โ€“ Anaconda (installer) + NVIDIA + System Upgrade

9/22/2023 โ€“ How to turn a $314.57 Chromebook into a Fedora Linux Laptop/Tablet/Sketchbook

1/15/2023 โ€“ Nobara Linux 37 โ€“ โ€˜Keep an Eye on this Up & Coming Linux OS!โ€™

12/22/2022 โ€“ Springdale Linux (SDL) 8.7 โ€“ โ€˜Headed to Princeton Universityโ€™s Peyton Hall?โ€™

11/23/2022 โ€“ Install Fedora 37 Linux Cinnamon SPIN onto a 12.2โ€ Samsung Chromebook Plus 32GB eMMC drive

11/16/2022 โ€“ Fedora 37 Linux โ€“ Cinnamon SPIN: โ€˜Leader of the Pack!โ€™

11/07/2022 โ€“ Nobara Linux 36 โ€“ โ€˜New modified version of Fedora Linuxโ€™

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