ASUS Prime Z790M-PLUS D4 mATX MoBo: Restore an Image and/or do a Clean Install

The Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) driver holds the controllers (?) and storage drivers I needed to do a Backup and Restore (Windows 7) of a Win11 Pro saved image, and/or to do a clean installation of Win11 Pro – on an ASUS Prime Z790M-PLUS D4 MoBo.

I am no expert at motherboards, but I sometimes do more ‘Tinkering’ with my main computer (‘Apevia’) than I should—hence the reason for using the Backup and Restore (Windows 7) utility that comes with Windows 11 before actual ‘Tinkering’ starts.

Long story, but I don’t really want to go thru the ‘Nightmare’, in great detail, again. Doubtful that I could remember all the details anyway, since a lot of the experience involved luck, searching, banging away, more searching, more banging away mixed in with deep thought & pondering, experimenting & testing, and a stroke of good luck in the home stretch. 👍😳👌🙂


Harvard University President gets caught *CHEATING* – blames “racial animus”

A University President – in the United States of America – gets caught *CHEATING* and then *BLAMES*racial animus” for forcing her to resign!?!?!?!?! Sorry, former Harvard President Claudine “Plagiariser” Gay – and the bigoted Harvard Corporation that hired her – but you are the one who was cheating for grades and for jobs, so no one to blame but yourself.

Harvard Corporation has instilled an atmosphere of Bigotry (towards Asians) & Antisemitism at Harvard. Now the Harvard Corporation has shown the students at Harvard that the Harvard Corporation supports Plagiarism in order to get good grades and to get a good job.

Harvard’s already tarnished reputation will never recover—unless the *ENTIRE* Harvard Corporation resigns immediately…enough said.


Nobara Linux 39

Nobara Linux was first released on 7/10/2022, obviously quite new, and it is being developed & maintained by Thomas Crider ‘GloriousEggroll’ – a “Software Maintenance Engineer @ Red Hat. Wine-Staging maintainer. Tinkerer.” Apparently, in his spare time he developed Proton-GE. 😉

I have followed it fairly closely – did two reviews – 11/7/2022 (Nobara Linux 36 – ‘New modified version of Fedora Linux’) & 1/15/2023 (Nobara Linux 37 – ‘Keep an Eye on this Up & Coming Linux OS!).

What is the Nobara Project?

The Nobara Project is a modified version of Fedora Linux with user-friendly fixes added to it. Some of the important things that are missing from Fedora, especially with regards to gaming include WINE dependencies, obs-studio, 3rd party codec packages such as those for gstreamer, 3rd party drivers such as NVIDIA drivers, and even small package fixes here and there.

Less Terminal & more Mouse: ‘we want to be more point and click friendly, and avoid the basic user from having to open the terminal … for new users, point and click ease of use is usually expected.


Is this ‘RAPE’ or Greta & Hunter just having sex?

I was looking for another cartoon pic of the egotistical Greta Thunberg and found the above one in the process. It’s a cartoon, but I don’t see the “Greta” in the pic as a “child clearly being raped.” Reminded me of a Hunter Biden picture (more on that in a moment).

Does Greta Thunberg know what an Ice Age is? Does she understand that without Global Warming the planet Earth would still be in an Ice Age?

Egotistical environmental activists like Greta Thunberg believe that they are more powerful & smarter than Mother Nature. Humans can’t even stop a simple tsunami, and yet these moronic egotistical environmental activists falsely claim that humans can change and/or “fix” Earth’s climate. They apparently believe that Mother Nature is weak & stupid!? 🤔

Mother Nature could pass a little gas (AKA fart) and wipe out the entire human race in a few days or less. Does Greta Thunberg know how many Ice Ages that Mother Nature has created, and then melted them when ‘She’ felt the need for it?

OK – here is the cartoon pic of the egotistical Greta Thunberg that I was originally searching for:


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