Russia (‘Foreman’) vs Ukraine (‘Ali’) & the “Rope-a-dope”

Looks like Russia is ‘running out of gas‘ all over Ukraine, but especially in ‘n around Bakhmut, which has been a main focus of Russia for a long time. Open Source sites are picking up lots of Russian worried ‘Chatter‘ about the pending Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Bakhmut area, as well as talk that the Russian offensive appears to have ‘ran outta gas/energy/ability‘.

Of course, Mr. Foreman was still a lot smarter than Putin ‘n all his Russian cronies put together, but during ‘The Rumble in the Jungle‘ even he fell for Ali’s ‘Rope-a-dope‘ technique:


Prigozhin’s Fall from Grace β€” ‘had promised to deliver Bakhmut by end of 2022’

Russian forces began shelling Bakhmut on 5/17/2022. Russian forces launched massive ground attacks on 8/1/2022. Early November β€” much of the fighting around Bakhmut had descended into Trench warfare conditions (think World War I). The end of 2022 has come ‘n gone β€” Prigozhin still hasn’t delivered Bakhmut.

The overall strategic value of Bakhmut has been considered dubious by many analysts, observing that the resources ‘n lives Russia has spent assaulting the city far outweigh its importance β€” Pyrrhic victory. It reflects how desperate the Russians are for any type of ‘Win‘ at this point β€” ‘n why they need to use Barrier troops in order to get any forward movement at all.


Trump β€” PWNED by the Deep State

I voted for Donald Trump twice, and would still support him over any Democratic party candidate. However, his ‘inability to adapt‘ to many of the crises he faced as President of the United States was staggering, and reveals a political weakness that he will never be able to overcome, IMHO.

I will totally obliterate the Deep State”:


Who writes most of the Open Source software β€” including Linux?

Microsoft & Google are ‘neck-and-neck‘ for the top spot β€” \o/ β€˜Hippity hip Hoorahβ€˜ \o/ β€” then comes #3 Red Hat, #4 Intel, #5 Amazon Web Services (AWS), and last but not least #6 IBM. Mostly all are companies *HATED* by the radical ‘n vocal Linux regular users. Regular users are what Linus Torvalds calls ‘normal people‘, and says Linux isn’t made for them to use, i.e., it’s mainly made for β€˜Technical people’ such as Developers, Programmers, Sysadmins, IT Specialists, Maintainers, etc. Regular users are mainly the guinea pigs who test Linux desktops for freeβ€”without realizing it. πŸ˜‰

Many of the regular Linux users are beyond being just ‘Fanatics‘ so I enjoy clowning around wid ‘n about them 🀑. Heck, Linux has never even mastered the ‘basic Wheel Mouse‘:


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