Harvard University President gets caught *CHEATING* – blames “racial animus”

A University President – in the United States of America – gets caught *CHEATING* and then *BLAMES*racial animus” for forcing her to resign!?!?!?!?! Sorry, former Harvard President Claudine “Plagiariser” Gay – and the bigoted Harvard Corporation that hired her – but you are the one who was cheating for grades and for jobs, so no one to blame but yourself.

Harvard Corporation has instilled an atmosphere of Bigotry (towards Asians) & Antisemitism at Harvard. Now the Harvard Corporation has shown the students at Harvard that the Harvard Corporation supports Plagiarism in order to get good grades and to get a good job.

Harvard’s already tarnished reputation will never recover—unless the *ENTIRE* Harvard Corporation resigns immediately…enough said.

Harvard President Claudine Gay resigns over plagiarism claims and disastrous antisemitism testimony in bitter letter where she says she’s been victim of racism – but fails to apologize:

Harvard President Claudine Gay today resigned in a bitter letter to colleagues and students where she failed to apologize for or acknowledge the disasters that led to her departure.

Gay, 53, lasted just six months in the role – the shortest tenure of any president in the school’s history. Her resignation comes 28 days after her shocking congressional testimony about campus antisemitism, where she refused to categorize calls for Jew genocide as harassment or concede that Jewish students had a right not to feel safe at Ivy League schools.

READ: Claudine Gay’s resignation letter in full where she bitterly claims she was the VICTIM of ‘threats fueled by racial animus’ and urges Harvard not to be ‘undermined by rancor and vituperation’:

Harvard’s president Claudine Gay has stepped down from her position after a disastrous tenure and the shortest in Harvard history…

In her resignation letter, she vehemently claims victimhood, attributing her decision to resign to ‘threats fueled by racial animus’…

Accused of both plagiarism and antisemitism, Gay took no responsibility for the controversies that marked her leadership in her resignation letter…

She gets caught cheating and then blames others…this is exactly what is wrong with America’s Educational System!


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