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Secret Service director Kimberly Cheatle

Karmi July 16, 2024 No Comments

‘Secret Service director gives bizarre reason why an agent wasn’t on the roof where gunman Thomas Matthew Crooks opened fire on Trump as she rejects calls to resign‘: ‘That building


Many American hunters do not vote

Karmi June 23, 2024 No Comments

Democrats plan on stripping the Second Amendment, take firearms away from American citizens, and many ‘American hunters do not vote’.      


Trump and the MAGA GOP – ‘Lessons in Bad Leadership

Karmi April 17, 2024 No Comments

I voted for Trump twice. Proved to lack any leadership ability – from the start to the end of his term. Great businessman, but terrible leader. Was going for Ted


Are Voters moving away from the Democratic Party?

Karmi March 29, 2024 No Comments

That chart is from the 2020 Florida Election Study Report, and seems to show how many Florida Democrats have been moving away from the Democratic Party—since around 1994, and apparently


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