Newbie Pages

A ‘Work in Progress‘ and Am testing this method to see how it works… πŸ€”

This will be for some of the WP Pages on my old free WP Linux Newbie – Since 1996 blog, which I have made Private until possibly deleting it. The transferring process is slow, since I do some editing of original Pages & posts – due to mainly expired links and creation of new links, then adding pics & some videos.

About 10-months now on this Karmi’s Musings & Tech (KM&T) Hostinger self-hosted blog, and still have about 38-months left on the $107.56 introductory 4-year plan. Renews for another 4-years on 2026-10-19 @ a onetime price of $335.52 (unless I find a renewal code at that time). WP Business is like $300 a year or $1,200 for 4-years.

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