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3/11/2024 Update: Postings have slowed down since I am using X (formerly Twitter) more – so am adding ‘News Snippets’ posts that link to news articles. Since Musk stole Twitter from the Progressives I have been enjoying it a lot more, and have an X subscription now. WordPress & X seem to ‘Fit’ together quite well…

Started blogging on Blogger before Google purchased it. Google immediately started threatening Political blogs that did not support the Democratic party. I left Blogger and moved to WordPress in 2004.

I’ve had several WordPress blogs, still have two, and never had any issues until WordPress forced the Block Editor onto users – unless the user was willing to pay $300 a year or more for another plan that offered the Classic Editor. I tried the $300 Business plan for a year, but started looking into what a self-hosted WordPress blog would require.

Checked out 3-4 hosting plans, and settled on a 4-year Hostinger plan for a onetime Introductory price of $107.56 (about $2.25 a month). The 4-year onetime Renewal price will be $335.52 in 10/19/2026. I may find a coupon to lower that price a little, but it is still a great deal—compared to paying WordPress a onetime price of $1,200 for 4-years. 🤔😁

I have found this Hostinger 4-year plan to be about the same as the WordPress Business plan, though WordPress offers more support whilst Hostinger offers more Data space…they are very close in other ways.

Around 6/24/2023 I decided to make the old Linux Newbie – Since 1996 a Private blog. That messed up a lot of links I had on posts here linking back to info on the Newbie blog. I am not going to go thru all the posts here that had links to Newbie, but have fixed a few, and will continue to do so as I come across them. Original intent was to have KM&T use Newbie as a ‘Hub‘ to Linux info.

Recently, have started moving some posts & pages to the new (11/03/2022) Karmi’s Musings & Tech (KM&T) blog, and will probably delete the Newbie blog at some point.

Moving certain posts and pages is very time consuming this way, but I didn’t want to move the whole blog to this self-hosted site since KM&T was going to be more than just Linux.

Self-hosting has been an ‘On-the-job training‘ experience for me, have learned a lot, but am still very inexperienced at it.


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