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Twitter Blue now allows 4,000 characters instead of 280 – no more ‘Sardine-Can’ Tweets!!! 😁

Karmi February 11, 2023

I forget when I first joined Twitter, but deleted that account when going wid the Twitter Blue subscription for my Karmi Tux @KarmiTux account not long ago. Have one other


Home (‘Hut’) exterior maintenance – Blogs & Blogging on ‘Standby’

Karmi January 11, 2023

Built my home (‘Hut‘) in 2009, with the help of a construction friend, and since costs were a concern back then I went wid T1-11 Plywood Siding. Construction jobs in


Annual Archive: ‘Need a Monthly *DROPDOWN* Archive WordPress Plugin for Sidebar?’

Karmi December 4, 2022

Apparently my Theme doesn’t offer a monthly or yearly dropdown Archive widget, just some that will require 4-Lines after 4-years or 48-Lines after 48-months. πŸ˜‰ I had tried several plugins,


Fedora 37 Linux – Cinnamon SPIN: ‘Leader of the Pack!’

Karmi November 16, 2022

Porteus 5.0 Cinnamon may be my favorite Linux OS, but I have no doubt that Fedora Linux is the ‘Leader of the Linux Pack‘. No one knows how many Linux


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