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Tucker Carlson ‘Unplugged’ – with Devon Archer interview Tucker leaving MSM in Rearview mirror

Karmi August 2, 2023

Fox News was clearly an ‘Anchor’ around Tucker’s neck! Recent interviews with Andrew Tate, Ice Cube, and now Ep. 12 Part 1. Devon Archer. MSM has to be green with


Tucker Carlson ‘Unplugged’ – Ep. 11 Ice Cube X Tucker: the studio interview

Karmi July 27, 2023

Tucker ‘Unplugged’ & Ice Cube ‘Independent Thinker’ expose the hypocrisy of Progressive America, and what can happen to a black American for leaving the Democratic party’s ‘Plantation’. Ep. 11 Ice


Tucker Carlson ‘Unplugged’ – Ep. 10 Stay in your lane: drive thru South Central LA with Ice Cube

Karmi July 25, 2023

‘Unplugged’ from the restrictive reins of Fox News—Tucker Carlson is on such a roll that it must make MSM, Child Groomers, Democratic party, Progressives, National Education Association (NEA), American Federation


Vladlen Tatarsky — Bully ‘pro-war Russian milblogger’ Blown uP

Karmi April 3, 2023

Vladlen Tatarsky (real name is Maksim Fomin) was a pro-war Russian milblogger who was blown up in St. Petersburg, Russia on April 2. He was connected to the Cyber Front


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