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Who writes most of the Open Source software — including Linux?

Karmi March 2, 2023

Microsoft & Google are ‘neck-and-neck‘ for the top spot — \o/ ‘Hippity hip Hoorah‘ \o/ — then comes #3 Red Hat, #4 Intel, #5 Amazon Web Services (AWS), and last


Tails – ‘Portable Operating System that Protects against Surveillance & Censorship’

Karmi February 1, 2023

Tails = The Amnesic Incognito Live System. It is a ‘security-focused Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity.‘ If you’ve never tried Linux then Tails may be an


Nobara Linux 37 – ‘Keep an Eye on this Up & Coming Linux OS!’

Karmi January 15, 2023

Nobara Linux hasn’t been out very long (less than a year), but its “simple point-and-click user experience” keeps getting better! I first reviewed ‘Nobara Linux 36‘ at my Linux Newbie


Thinking about trying Linux? ‘Here Be Dragons’ – *ATTENTION* Windows users!

Karmi November 12, 2022

Probably should be posting this at my Linux Newbie – since 1996 blog, but am liking this new Self-Hosted Blog so much that ‘Newbie‘ may be headed for ‘semiretirement‘ as


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