Category: Arch Linux

archinstall – easily automates installation of Vanilla Arch Linux

Karmi December 5, 2023 No Comments

I’ve installed Vanilla Arch Linux 4-6 ways over the years, and this is my second time using the archinstall method. It has improved over the past year, IMHO, and seemed


List of Linux Security Flaws keeps Growing – β€˜Use Linux as Your desktop/laptop OS?’

Karmi October 4, 2023 No Comments

Decades ago, Linux users used to brag about how secure the Linux OS was, and many of them continue that false narrative even today. How anyone can interpret the term


Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma 22.1.0 – “Plasma is a Desktop”

Karmi April 24, 2023 No Comments

Cinnamon is my favorite Linux desktop environment (DE), but the Cinnamon DE of Manjaro is a “Community” project ‘n hasn’t remained as steady of an OS as I prefer. At


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