Floorp Web Browser – built on Firefox, in Japan, new browser, & excellent privacy

I do a lot of copy & paste, and recently Firefox is not allowing copy & paste with the mouse on many websites. Can usually copy & paste with Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v, which requires leaving the mouse, moving to the keyboard, and then back to the mouse. Lots of wasted time with so many moves involved—after realizing that the copy & paste isn’t working with the mouse!?!

Maybe it is a setting (new??) I’ve missed, or the Beta browser (never had the problem before), but am tired of searching for a solution. Anyway, don’t have that issue in other browsers—tho I haven’t tested all of them that I have: Chrome, Waterfox, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, Opera, and Tor.

Firefox has been my main browser for years & years, but that might be about to change after testing Floorp.

Floorp info

Have only tested it for one day, and if it maintains this level of success then it will become my main browser. Right now I have it looking the same as I had the Firefox browser set up, but I’m not using the sidebar or other options – tho I may give the sidebar more testing.

Here’s snippets from a better article on the workings of Floorp…

Floorp Browser: Is It The Most Advanced Cross-Platform Firefox Derivative?:

The way Google has been stepping up its data collection game, it has prompted many people to opt for privacy-focused web browsers that respect their privacy by providing a secure browsing experience.

Being a fork of the popular Firefox browser, Floorp was built keeping privacy and user freedom in mind. It is a cross-platform web browser that prides itself in being completely open-source and not collecting any kind of personal information.

The next thing you will notice is a neat looking sidebar menu that reminded me of the one found on Vivaldi. It provides similar functionality, with access to things like the bookmarks, history, downloads, notes, and even a Google Translate WebApp integrated directly into it.

By default, you get a horizontal tab. However, you can opt for a multi-row tab where you get more visibility to your active tabs, making it easy to dabble with multiple tabs.

Floorp also has something called “Floorp View” that lets you sync tabs from your other linked devices such as smartphones using a Mozilla account.

There is support for multiple workspaces too, something that Firefox doesn’t provide out of the box.

And, answer the question in the title: is it the most advanced take on Firefox?

Yes, and no. If you look at the customizability, and abilities you get on top of Firefox, one can say that you can do a lot more with Floorp compared to vanilla Mozilla Firefox.

It seems loaded with options – AND – I had no copy & paste issues with it so far. 👍 Also use Waterfox (Firefox fork) at times, but Floorp has more of the Firefox look & ‘Feel’ to me.

Floorp installation

Just click the Download button on the bottom left of the Floorp homepage.

That takes you to the Download Page where the OS version of the floorp-stub.installer.exe can be selected—my Windows 64bit Online Installer was selected automatically, but they offer options for 32bit, macOS, Linux, and Windows portable.

Click on the highlighted floorp-stub.installer.exe which starts the download.

My downloads go to the Download folder so simply clicked on the floorp-stub.installer.exe file and the installation was quick & easy.


Text in the Firefox browser that couldn’t be copied with the mouse were easily copied & pasted with the Floorp browser. If that remains the same, then Floorp is my new main browser.


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