Category: KDE Plasma

Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma 22.1.0 – “Plasma is a Desktop”

Karmi April 24, 2023

Cinnamon is my favorite Linux desktop environment (DE), but the Cinnamon DE of Manjaro is a “Community” project ‘n hasn’t remained as steady of an OS as I prefer. At


OpenMandriva ROME 23.03

Karmi April 2, 2023

OpenMandriva ROME 23.03 — ‘is the rolling release published by the OpenMandriva Association. ROME is designed for individual users and will have more up to date software‘. OpenMandriva had been


Redcore Linux 2301 – “very quick way to install” Gentoo Linux

Karmi February 25, 2023

Redcore Linux ‘is a distribution based on Gentoo Linux’ testing branch which uses a hardened profile by default‘. I’ve been trying to install Gentoo Linux, off ‘n on, for about


Nobara Linux 36 – ‘New modified version of Fedora Linux’

Karmi November 7, 2022

They offer three versions of Nobara: Official, GNOME, and KDE. I tested the the Nobara-36-KDE-2022-09-16.iso (at 4.83GBs) and the Nobara-36-Official-2022-09-16.iso (at 4.82GBs). Nobara is loaded wid gaming ‘n streaming ‘n


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