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Nobara Linux 39

Karmi January 1, 2024 No Comments

Nobara Linux was first released on 7/10/2022, obviously quite new, and it is being developed & maintained by Thomas Crider ‘GloriousEggroll’ – a “Software Maintenance Engineer @ Red Hat. Wine-Staging


Ultramarine Linux 39 – ‘Based on Fedora®

Karmi November 26, 2023 No Comments

Fairly new Linux Distro, and second time I tested it. Very easy to use. Desktop Options are Budgie Desktop (Flagship), GNOME, Pantheon (elementary OS), and KDE Plasma Desktop (my favorite).


Alpine Linux 3.18.4 – Small. Simple. Secure.

Karmi October 7, 2023 No Comments

Alpine Linux caught my eye the other day, in this article: Looney Tunables: New Linux Flaw Enables Privilege Escalation on Major Distributions. Other major Linuxes were found to be vulnerable


Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma 22.1.0 – “Plasma is a Desktop”

Karmi April 24, 2023 No Comments

Cinnamon is my favorite Linux desktop environment (DE), but the Cinnamon DE of Manjaro is a “Community” project ‘n hasn’t remained as steady of an OS as I prefer. At


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