Tag: Totalitarianism

President Joe Biden’s *LIES* vs Rep. George Santos’ lies

Karmi January 23, 2023

Joe Biden has been lying for decades ‘n decades ‘n decades. George Santos is only 34 years old ‘n Biden has been lying for well over 34 years. Has the


Twitter & Twitter Blue finally *BREAK FREE* of Progressive’s Totalitarian control!

Karmi January 18, 2023

America’s Progressives now seek to totally destroy Elon Musk for exposing them, ‘The Swamp‘, and the Democratic party. Twitter was a powerful tool for the Democratic party & ‘The Swamp‘


“Big Brother in the Kitchen” – a Cartoon is worth a Thousand Words

Karmi January 17, 2023

US federal agency is considering a ban on gas stoves: Richard Trumka Jr. (son of former Union *BOSS* AFL–CIO president Richard Trumka), a US Consumer Product Safety commissioner, set off


Winter in Ukraine = *ADVANTAGE* Ukraine – ‘so sorry li’l Vladi “Adolf” Putin!’

Karmi December 26, 2022

It has been obvious, since Russia invaded Ukraine on 2/24/2022, that Putin’s Russia had built their military for the murdering of Civilians…for the terrorizing & torture of Civilians…for controlling other


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