‘Trickle-down Tanks’ – Germany sending Leopard 2 Tanks & allows others to export them

\o/ ‘Hippity hip Hoorah‘ \o/Ukraine is going to get the much needed Tanks it wanted! Ukraine will now be able to drive Russia out and return Ukraine to its 1991 borders.

Ukraine had wanted 300 Tanks, and the Leopard 2 is a perfect fit for the Ukrainians right now (quick delivery!). Everyone was waiting on Germany ‘n they gave their OK today. America’s Abrams are more expensive to operate ‘n maintain, but Ukraine will be getting SOME of those also (slower delivery).

It won’t be 300 Tanks all at once, it will be a ‘Trickle-down Tanks effect, so to speak of what is starting to look like 14 Tanks from Britain, 14 Tanks from Germany, 14 Tanks from Poland, etc. to begin with until Ukraine gets at least 300 modern Tanks.

Leopard 2

The Leopard 2 is a 3rd generation main battle tank.

Some have called it a “Beer holder” after seeing – German Leopard 2 tank carrying a beer and not spilling a drop:

  • The Leopard main battle tank can optimally use its great firepower even when moving quickly. The weapon stabilization system enables a high hit accuracy despite rough terrain – a decisive advantage in the fight of mechanized forces!

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