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Ukraine’s True History: Part 1 – ’10 popular misconceptions about Ukrainian history, debunked’

Karmi April 25, 2023

Karmi’s NOTE: Series is from – The Kyiv Independent. I have started following their UKRAINE’S TRUE HISTORY ‘n wanted to share it wid many Westerners who don’t get a lot


Ukraine forces Russia to cancel annual Immortal Regiment Victory march

Karmi April 19, 2023

Ukraine has forced Russia to cancel the annual Immortal Regiment Victory march, and at the same time exposed ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin as the weak and foolish leader that he is.


Join a Russian Tank Crew β€” ‘Russia losing 150 Tanks a month’

Karmi March 26, 2023

‘Paper Bear‘ Putin has been lying to the Russian citizens for over a decade. Then he told the Russian people ‘n the World that Russia had just spent over a


Why didn’t Putin visit Bakhmut like Zelensky did?

Karmi March 22, 2023

‘Paper Bear‘ Putin’s first ‘n only visit to Ukraine during his reinvasion of that country was far from any fighting, and was done like a ‘Thief‘ under the ‘cover of


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