Russian Invader – partying in September & whining about ‘F*cking Ukrainians’ in October

These Russian Invaders are raping babies, children, and women. They are destroying hospitals, schools, apartment building, and homes. They are torturing and murdering innocent civilians. They are abducting Ukrainian children and then deporting them to Russia—which is a War Crime.

Now we see a Russian Invader whining about how ‘mean‘ the Ukrainian soldiers are to the Russian Invaders!?!

The article doesn’t mention the Invader’s name, so I’ll just call him Dude. Hey, Russian Dude, do you even have a clue how many other Russian Invaders have been killed by those ‘mean’ Ukrainians you whined about in the video?

296,310 dead Russian Invaders, and some 888,930 wounded—@ 8:12 PM EST. Doesn’t the Russian govt let y’all know how many Russians are dying in Ukraine? Anyway, let’s get to you video…

Slaughtered on the ‘dance floor’: Russian soldier films comrades partying and dancing in the trenches in Ukraine… then videos the scene a month later as his friends all lie dead:

A Russian soldier has revealed the dark reality of life on the frontlines in Ukraine by capturing the aftermath of an assault on his trench near Bakhmut just weeks after the unit threw a party in celebration of their arrival.

The shocking clip splices together two videos – the first of which was posted on September 12 and shared on a Russian Telegram group. In it, a fresh-looking army unit is seen laughing as they crack jokes while singing and dancing to upbeat pop music.

Their clothes appear clean and crisp, and the dugout is well stocked with food and bottles of wine.

But moments later, the video shifts to a second clip, posted on 19 October, and the footage presents a very different scene.

A lone Russian soldier stands in the ruins of his trench surrounded by the bodies of his comrades and splinters of branches from trees torn apart by heavy fire.

‘Good morning,’ he says quietly. ‘The guys are lying here. One here, there’s a second one… in short, it’s absolutely f***ed.


OK, Russian Dude, you’re pretty famous now for making that video, so I doubt the Russian leadership lets you live much longer.

Back around “Friday 25 February 2022 13:35 GMT,” an old Ukrainian woman gave a Russian Invader some sunflowers seeds and said: ‘Take these seeds and put them in your pockets, so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here’. Did all those friends you were partying with back on “September 12” die without any sunflower seeds in their pockets? Too bad…

Brave Ukrainian woman tells Russian soldier: ‘Put sunflower seeds in your pocket so they grow when you die’


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