EU to Russia – ‘War in Ukraine is an “existential threat” to Europeans

Putin made the biggest mistake in Russian history by reinvading Ukraine. That is now his Legacy, but he keeps hoping that the Europeans and/or the Americans are going to help him save his Legacy—as in, one or both will just abandon Ukraine and the Ukrainians.

Putin had accidentally exposed Russia’s Military weaknesses to the entire Planet Earth, and Putin now hopes that the Europeans and America are going to stand idly by and give Russia the chance to rebuild their once renown Military Power!?

I don’t think so. 🤔 Why not allow Putin to compound his first “biggest mistake in Russian history” by making his second “biggest mistake in Russian history”? With such obviously *BIG* mistakes making going on, it wouldn’t seem to be possible for him to make a third one, but heck—who would’ve guessed back on 2/24/2022 that Ukraine was going to repel that Russian reinvasion and then force Russia into the defensive position.

Sorry, Vladimir “Adolf” Putin, but your Legacy is only going to get worse before you die…

Existential Threat

Ukraine war: Russia warned EU not weary over war support:

Russia has been warned not to count on “weariness” in Europe over support for Ukraine, as European Union (EU) foreign ministers meet in Kyiv.

It is the first time the assembly has been held outside the bloc. Ukraine is not an EU member but wants to join.

EU policy chief Josep Borrell has described the ongoing war in Ukraine as an “existential crisis”.

“Maybe it’s not being seen like this for everybody around the world, but for us, Europeans, allow me to repeat it: it’s an existential threat,” Mr Borrell told the gathering on Monday.

Meanwhile French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna described Monday’s gathering as a “demonstration of our resolute and lasting support for Ukraine, until it can win“.

“It is also a message to Russia that it should not count on our weariness. We will be there for a long time to come.”


The EU foreign ministers met in Kyiv (first time outside bloc). Hey, the Europeans had fallen into a deep sleep until Russia reinvaded Ukraine, but they are wide-awake now, and it is doubtful that they will ever trust Russia again.

“Maybe it’s not being seen like this for everybody around the world, but for us, Europeans, allow me to repeat it: it’s an existential threat” – EU policy chief Josep Borrell.

Everyone now knows what Putin’s true goals were—he wanted the old Soviet Union’s borders back, and more. The Europeans now know this has been Putin’s goal all along, so why would anyone think they would ever stop sending support to Ukraine.

Americans abandoning Ukraine? America doesn’t ever want to put American ‘Boots on the Ground‘ in another European war, and helping Ukraine now helps to prevent that; however, Europe is going to have to carry their share—and then some…


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