Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) warns Russia about ‘attacks on the Ukrainian energy sector

Russia’s exhausted Troops & Draftees are facing the Ukrainian “General Frost” this Winter, stuck in their cold & wet trenches, and with the Ukrainian troops bearing down on them.

Now it looks like the Russian troops won’t be the only cold Russians this Winter – Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) is planning on making the Russian citizens back home experience a cold Winter, in their dark homes without electricity.

The SSU warns Russia of mirror actions in case of attacks on the energy sector:

Seven settlements in the Kursk region of Russia were cut off from electricity as a result of a drone attack.

The incident occurred on the morning of Tuesday, September 26.

Roman Starovoit, Russian governor of the Kursk region, announced this.

According to a Russian official, a drone dropped an explosive device on an electrical substation in the village of Snagost in the Korenovsky district of the region.

The governor claims that the drone was allegedly Ukrainian.

Good idea, using a cheap drone to drop something like a hand grenade onto an unguarded electrical substation. 300 cheap drones with 300 hand grenades could do a lot of damage to Russia’s unguarded electrical substations this Winter.

According to a representative of the Ukrainian special service, who spoke to the media anonymously, SSU special operations are reaching a new level.

He hinted that Ukraine would take mirror actions if Russian attacks on the Ukrainian energy sector continue.

“The Russians must understand that if they continue attacking Ukrainian energy facilities, they will receive a tough response. Our resources allow us to do this,” said a source in the SSU.

Be nice to use bigger drones or even some expensive missiles to wipe out the electricity in Moscow this Winter.

The Ukrainians are continuing to come up with advanced new drones of all types – I think they are about to introduce the Russians to a new ‘Electrical Substation’ drone this Winter.


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