Why Russia can’t beat Ukraine – ‘Stupidity’ from Putin down…

First, they reinvaded Ukraine whilst winter was still going on. Second, they did so whilst believing Ukraine would surrender within a few days to a week. Third, Russian troops were sent in without winter clothing. Fourth, Russia’s communicating equipment either didn’t work, or its communications were easily tracked by the Ukrainians. Those four will do for starters…

That was back on 2/24/2022. Around 9/25/2023 this happened – ‘Air Regiment Leaders’ Killed as Drone Self-Destructs on Russian Airfield:

Russian officers were among casualties caused by a Ukrainian unmanned aerial device (UAV) that landed on a military airfield and exploded upon inspection, it has been reported.

After the Ukrainian drone had apparently landed “safely” on the runway, officers from Russia’s Air Force and its main intelligence service, the FSB, examined the device, RBC Ukraine reported on Monday.

When the delegation tried to examine the ‘trophy’ UAV, there was a detonation,” a Ukrainian source told RBC, which said “air regiment leaders” were among the casualties.

One cannot make this stuff up – ‘Stupidity*RULES* in the Russian military.

Ukrainians have been duping the Russians throughout the Russian reinvasion of Ukraine, e.g., Invaders spend precision ammunition on Ukrainian weapon mock-ups:

The Russian military is spending expensive precision weapons to strike Ukrainian radar mock-ups.

The invaders struck at the dummy of the Ukrainian P-18 Malakhit radar, which was placed in the deep rear in the Donetsk direction.

In one of their propaganda videos, they reported the successful defeat of a very valuable Ukrainian combat unit, which, however, turned out to be a mock-up.

OOPS! This is what the Russians actually hit:

Ukrainian mock-ups

According to the company, 250 similar mock-ups of artillery installations and radar were transferred to the Defense Forces as part of the Steel Front initiative.

The models are made of a metal frame and wooden panels, often mounted on a wheeled chassis. It is known that in radar layouts, the antenna spins, imitating the operation of a real station.

Russians, growing tired of constantly being duped by Ukrainians, decided to start duping the Ukrainians for a change.

Russians draw Tu-95MS strategic bombers at Engels air base:

The Russians are drawing Tu-95MS turboprop strategic bombers at the Engels Air Base.

There is a real bomber near the drawings, which is “protected” by car tires.

In early September, Militarnyi reported that the Russians started to cover the aircraft with car tires at the Engels Air Base.

Thus, the Russians are trying to protect strategic bombers from attacks by Ukrainian drones.

It is not clear whether such protection will be effective given the flammability of the tires, the large open area, and the difficulty of extinguishing them.

Perhaps covering a Tu-95MS bomber w/ tires is the Russian attempt at Necklacing?! 🤣Looks like they also don’t know how to paint ‘Moving‘ shadows. 😂

Imagine being one of the 130,000 Russian conscripts in this October’s call-up, called up to replace the 278,130 Russian troops killed so far in Russia’s reinvasion of Ukraine. 😳


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