Trump and the MAGA GOP – ‘Lessons in Bad Leadership

I voted for Trump twice. Proved to lack any leadership ability – from the start to the end of his term. Great businessman, but terrible leader. Was going for Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, but the MAGA mob was strong even in 2016.

Apparently Trump believed that leading a country would be the same as leading a business – because his cabinet and other Govt picks seemed to be a second thought, e.g., Jeff Sessions was a MAGA mob pick by Trump. Jeff Sessions ended up leaving the ‘Gate open’ and the Democrats never let up after that.

Lack of Leadership

Trump had promised to “Drain the swamp”:

Donald Trump to describe his plan to fix problems in the federal government. In the three weeks before the 2016 election, he tweeted “Drain the swamp” 79 times, usually as a hashtag…

He ended up enlarging & empowering The Swamp – almost drowning in it during his first term. Others like Michael Flynn got caught up in Trump’s wake.

Lack of Leadership was also obvious early on when no one in the Trump Administration could stop the leaks!?! Trump’s lack of Leadership ability was evident even at the end of his term.

2024 GOP Primaries

The MAGA GOP has grown to be a much stronger force than its earlier 2016 days. Trump and the MAGA mob were determined to destroy anyone who dared stand in their way – the GOP had a much stronger list of president candidates than the DNC, but they stood no chance against the MAGA GOP.

One would’ve thought that the GOP would’ve at least tried to groom some of their great presidential candidates for the future, but Trump and the MAGA mob—working with the MSM stopped at nothing in order to destroy all of Trump’s competition.

If Trump wins – what happens in 2028 since he hasn’t even picked a Vice President running mate yet? Haley & DeSantis were incredibly strong presidential possibilities, but they may no longer be an option in 2028.

Stopping the Democrats

Republican Congresses haven’t stopped much of the Democrats’ agendas in a century. Have they stopped anything in the past half-century?

Democrats own the MSM, public schools & most colleges, and The Swamp. They openly promote child grooming & child butchery. Racist doctrines like CRT and DEI are taught and promoted in schools, businesses, and even the military. The list of what they own & promote & obtain is too long to cover here.

Only solutions are another Civil and/or World War – or wait to see if the Democratic party can correct itself.

GOP Congress majorities

With razor-thin GOP margin, could House control flip to Democrats?

Under President GW Bush, during the 108th & 109th United States Congresses, the Republicans held majorities in both the Senate & House, but seemed to do little with their power—other than letting GW Bush go out on a limb, and then sawing it off behind him.

The 110th United States Congress saw Democrats controlling both the Senate & House. By 2008, voters went with Barack Obama, and the 111th United States Congress with Democrats still controlling the Senate & House.

America may never recover from Obama, and Trump certainly didn’t know how to undo what Obama & Democrats had done.

GOP House majority

Republicans gained the House majority of the 118th United States Congress, but have been in the process of trying to fumble it away. Republicans gained control with a 222–213 majority, but that will be down to 217 by April 19th.

Seems that Trump and the MAGA GOP are pro-Russian now, and don’t want to give Ukraine any more aid in their fight against Russia’s reinvasion of their country.

Now, Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to oust House Speaker Johnson!?! She and others oppose aid to Ukraine (and the FISA bill). REPs tried to play chicken with the DEMs, for more control along our borders, but it looks like the DEMs are about to win that game—and more.


I will not support Russia over Ukraine in this 2024 election. Ukraine is hanging by a thread without military aid and/or a loan, but Republicans don’t seem to care. Trump doesn’t seem to care about Ukraine either, since he doesn’t come out and clearly state he will support Ukraine fully over Russia.

Instead of voting against the Democrats this year (as usual) – I may end up voting against the Republicans or not voting for either presidential candidate. Am registered as No Party Affiliation (NPA) here in Florida, and am further to the right than either the Democrats or Republicans.

The MAGA mob may have opened the doors for 12 more years of Democratic party presidents…👎😳


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