Are Voters moving away from the Democratic Party?

That chart is from the 2020 Florida Election Study Report, and seems to show how many Florida Democrats have been moving away from the Democratic Party—since around 1994, and apparently into Florida’s NPA (No Party Affiliation). Article from 2015: NPA popular among Florida voters. Am not sure when the NPA actually started in Florida, but this Copilot AI chat search says “two decades” – my question was: ‘florida’s no party affiliation (npa)

It is no secret that people are leaving the Blue States & their Cities:

Bad Economic Policies Are One Reason People Are Leaving Blue States

Population-Growth Patterns Paint Grim Picture for Democrats

Florida 2024: 5,185,882 Republicans, 4,360,931 Democrats, 326,875 Minor Parties, 3,531,942 No Party Affiliation (NPA), Total = 13,405,630.


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