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Transsexuals commit FOUR mass shootings in less than 55-months

Karmi March 29, 2023

Snochia Moseley (transgender man) — September of 2018. Alec McKinney (transgender boy) — May of 2019. Anderson Lee Aldrich (nonbinary) — November of 2022. Audrey Elizabeth Hale (transgender man) —


Famous American Women: Kitty O’Neil — ‘The Fastest Woman in the World’

Karmi March 24, 2023

Back in the days, long before the Woke Progressive Democrats became unable to Define What a Woman is, America had some really really amazing women. Now, thanks to our Woke


Should American Descendants of African Slaves pay a ‘Fortuitous’ Tax?

Karmi February 2, 2023

Anyone who actually knows the history of Slavery, and especially Slavery in Africa, would have to admit that the “20 and odd” Angolans (“kidnapped by the Portuguese”) who arrived on


How to create a Vagina from your Penis in Four easy steps (NOTE: “Sensation is not guaranteed after vaginoplasty”)

Karmi January 25, 2023

This post is for adult males seeking a Vaginoplasty. For male children, check wid Boston Children’s Hospital:


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