China tries to Lure foreigners back


lure (noun):

• ‘anything that attracts people or animals, or the qualities that make something attractive’.

• ‘A lure is an object used to attract fish or wild animals in order to catch them’.

• ‘the quality or power that something has that attracts people’.

lure (verb):

• ‘to attract a person or animal’.

• ‘to persuade someone to do something or go somewhere by offering them something they would like to have’.

Axis Powers – Then & Now

It’s Looking a Lot Like World War II Out There:

Our world resembles the 1930s more than we might think. Now, as then, the balance of power is shifting ominously. Violent autocracies are seeking expansive empires. Ties between authoritarian states are growing stronger; regional conflicts are becoming interwoven. Democracies are threatened from without and within.

First Axis Powers were – Nazi Germany, the Kingdom of Italy and the Empire of Japan.

China, Russia and Iran put on show of force with Mideast naval drills:

Warships from China, Russia and Iran have held live-fire exercises in a key Middle Eastern waterway this week as the three partners put on a show of force in the volatile region, according to reports in state-run media.

Second Axis Powers are – China, Russia and Iran.


China Turns on the Charm for Foreigners but Its Allure Has Faded:

Beijing is increasing flights and easing visa rules, but business executives and diplomats say trust could be hard to rebuild…

It’s a tougher sell than it used to be.

No shit, Sherlock! Authoritarian State China making threats towards Taiwan, rushing around the seas making threats to other countries, and becoming best friends with other Authoritarian States like Russia & Iran is not going to attract tourists or businesses.

China handed out 711,000 residence permits to foreigners last year, down 15% from prepandemic 2019, according to the National Immigration Administration. Short-term visitor numbers, which include business travelers, dropped even more, falling two-thirds over the same period.

The severity of the challenge is apparent in Shanghai, a glimmering financial center that once teemed with foreigners of all stripes. The number of new foreign worker permits fell to 50,000 in 2022 from roughly 70,000 in 2020, according to official data.

The city is still struggling to recover its cosmopolitan flair nearly two years after a Covid lockdown persuaded many expatriates to flee.

The trend marks a stark reversal for China, once seen around the world as a land of opportunity. A decade ago, cities such as Beijing and Shanghai ranked among the world’s most popular destinations for expatriates. During the country’s boom years, students flocked to Chinese universities to learn Mandarin, many staying behind to pursue lucrative careers as bridge builders for eager multinationals. Now, many multinationals have moved to diversify their operations away from China.

“If you’re a foreigner with a family and looking to grow your career, you no longer need to be in China, now that destination is Southeast Asia, India or the Middle East,” said Cameron Johnson, a supply-chain consultant in Shanghai.


Free people are discovering that being stuck in an Authoritarian State like Russia or Iran is extremely dangerous. Russia is never going to be trusted again, and now China is making best of friends with them, but also wanting to attract free people back to China.

Sorry, China, but ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too’.


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