Basic HTML code for commenting on sites where it is not offered.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. I don’t comment on most sites I visit, but have some favorites that I visit every day, and comment on a couple of them. Some have Disqus, others have their own comment tools, and some have none at all.

The above Pic has the basic HTML that I use: 1) Add a link. 2) Bold text. 3) Italic text. 4) Quotation or Blockquotes.

It’s fairly easy stuff – just double check it, making sure the slashes are there, and the Lesser-than sign < & Greater-than sign > are correctly placed.

The W3Schools site offers a lot of free info on coding. Also, I have found that ChatGPT AI & Bing’s Copilot AI can create code for you. 👍🙂👌


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