Republican Party is Party of Women – Democratic Party is Party of Trans Women

You’ve come a long way, Ladies, but the Democratic Party wants you to be subservient to men again.

Walk into the female bathroom of your gym to find a Trans Woman—with nothing but a towel covering his/her penis whilst shaving in front of you and a 12-year-old girl. You go to complain to the gym’s staff, and later get notified that your gym membership has been canceled.

Train your whole life for a shot at the NCAA Swimming 500 Freestyle finals and some 6’ 1” Trans Woman wins the National Championship.

Ladies – Pay ATTENTION!

Look at who & what the Democratic Party is actually supporting, i.e., not who they claim to support in ‘Dat Rainbow, but who & what their *ACTIONS* are actually supporting. For example:

   • Killing of Laken Riley is now front and center of US immigration debate.

   • Mobs – violent mobs made up of Antifa, BLM, and radical Islamists.

   • Gangs from central and south America entering the US and targeting luxury homes.

   • Gang leader named ‘Barbecue’ is now most powerful man in Haiti.

   • Haiti’s cannibal killers could flood border as US warned of horror migration surge.

Yeah, the Democratic Party will have white women in burkas before they are done…


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