Putin – move European Russia’s population to the east of Urals before Nuclear War starts

Putin is like the Hamas leadership, i.e., he doesn’t actually care for what happens to his country’s people.

Putin likes to threaten others with his Nuclear Weapons, and as an American I believe it is time to start this Nuclear War that Putin keeps threatening.

Judging by his results in Ukraine – it is pretty obvious that the once feared Russian Military is in shambles. Putin’s Nuclear Arsenal is probably in the same shape.

Putin and his cronies have been plundering Russia for years – instead of modernizing the Russian Military like he had been claiming.

75% of Russia’s population

European Russia hold 75% of the Russian population, and Putin wants to threaten others with his Nuclear Arsenal?

Russia’s Physical Geography and Climate:

• Russia is the largest country in the world, containing 1/8 of the entire world’s land area.

• Although looking at a map, you might assume that Russia has extensive port facilities owing to its vast eastern coastline, it actually has relatively few ice-free ports.

• Most of Russia’s population lives west of the Ural Mountains where the climate is more temperate and there are more connections with Eastern Europe. Russia is highly urbanized, with almost three-quarters of the population living in cities. Its largest city and capital, Moscow, is home to around 12 million people.


Yeah, nuking European Russia would eliminate the threat of Russia forever. China could reclaim everything east of the Urals – make slaves of remaining Russia population.


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