X Notifications = X ‘working on improving our systems.

If old Tweeter users don’t know what X is yet then they’ll probably miss this Blog & X post. 🙂👌

As for me, I am tired of adding “(formally known as Twitter)” to my X posts, replies, etc. Best ‘Thang that ever happened to Twitter was when Elon Musk ‘stole‘ it from the pathetic Progressives. 👍👏

Not positive, but I think some Progressive – perhaps a Harvard plagiarist President, anti-Semite, Hamas supporter, registered Democratic, NEA and/or AFT member, egotistical Global Warmist (BTW, without Global warming the Earth would still be in an Ice Age), WOKE wacko, Child Groomer or supporter of Child Grooming, Biologically confused human, Disney employee, Federal Government employee (Politicians & Swamp types), MSM employee, etc. – complained to X about humble me!?!

I didn’t even realize you could insult a Progressive unless you were Donald Trump!? Some of these Progressives are teaching 2-3 year children about Rosa Parks – ‘2-year-old black girl cuffed by white child for Rosa Parks reenactment at Florida day care’, and these Progressive ‘Teaching Points’ only get worse from there in our Public School system.

X  Notifications

Was a little surprised when seeing this X notification the other day:

Had just renewed my X Premium subscription for another year, last week, and now I’m being told that X has added ‘a temporary label to your account which may impact its reach’!? What “reach”? My ‘posts earned 841 impressions over this 28 day period’ – that “reach”!?! 😉

Anyway, I looked around to see what kind of “temporary label” X was placing upon humble me, and best I could tell was that they ‘sorta hid’ the 28 people I was following. Could click on the now 0 Following and the ‘sorta hidden’ list showed the 28 people I was following.

Clicked on the Learn more link in the above notification and got this popup:

BTW, I am not one of those people who ‘Read the Manual’ – maybe scan it a tad, but try to even avoid that unless completely necessary. 👍😁

Clicked on the platform manipulation link and got Platform manipulation and spam policy – am not big on reading policies either.

Clicked on the Learn more link in the “What does this mean for my account?” section of that popup and got Our range of enforcement options – basically scrolled that to see how long it was, and didn’t see any ‘Thang about them sending me back to prison in it. 👍😅

Am also not big on reading big popups either, which is why I didn’t pay any attention to the Request Review at the bottom of the popup, but did recall seeing something at the bottom later…OOPS!

The X Review was quick, i.e., quicker than me recalling ‘seeing something at the bottom later’ and a lot quicker than slow typist me typing to this point here⬇️.

Clicked on that notification and got this:

Nice, huh. Very professional & informative! 👍👌


X is building a great platform—whilst Progressives try at every turn to tear what X is building down.

Most of us can’t see where X is headed, but it already ‘Feels’ amazing to me—even this early into…into???


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