What is a Russian ‘Meat Assault’?

Hard to believe the Russian people haven’t already executed Putin and his cronies. Since the start of Putin’s 2022 reinvasion of Ukraine he has been taking away freedoms that the Russian people had gained under Mikhail Gorbachev.

Putin and his cronies spent years bragging about the new modern and powerful military they were building, but their massive military failings in the attack upon Ukraine has proven they were more focused on stealing from the Russian treasuries.

In almost two years, Russia has lost thousands of tanks—so many they have been forced to bring out Soviet-Era T-54 Tanks (entered service in 1948) as replacements. They lost so much artillery, aircraft, and armored combat vehicles that Putin was forced to go on bended knees to Iran and North Korea.

Russia lost just 14,453 Killed troops and 53,753 Wounded during 10 years of war in Afghanistan. In Ukraine, after almost 2 years, Russia has lost a staggering 348,300 Killed troops and 1,044,900 Wounded.

Putin attacking Ukraine on SIX fronts and ‘losing 1,000 soldiers a day’ in suicidal ‘meat assaults’ as he pushes for win

VLADIMIR Putin is desperately trying to take down Ukraine on six fronts in suicidal “meat assaults” – with Russia reportedly haemorrhaging 1,000 soldiers a day in recent battles.

Kremlin kingpin Vlad is understood to have lost over 340,000 troops since the beginning of his brutal invasion in Ukraine – and has an election coming up to contend with.

Putin doesn’t care any more for the Russian people than he does for the Ukrainian people – Putin cares only about himself and his Legacy. Putin had believed his own propaganda prior to reinvading Ukraine, and accidentally exposed Russia’s many military weaknesses to the world. Now, for the sake of his Legacy, the Russian people must pay for his mistakes.

Russian ‘Meat Assault

Barrier Troops:

Barrier troops, blocking units, or anti-retreat forces are military units that are located in the rear or on the front line (behind the main forces) to maintain military discipline, prevent the flight of servicemen from the battlefield, capture spies, saboteurs and deserters, and return troops who flee from the battlefield or lag behind their units.

Russian soldiers say they were sent into battle with ‘blocking’ units behind them to stop them from retreating:

Russian soldiers made a dramatic video plea, complaining they were sent into combat with other units specifically tasked with preventing them from running away.

The footage, addressed directly to Vladimir Putin and circulating on Russian Telegram channels, was posted by members of Russia’s so-called Storm unit, who said they had suffered huge casualties.

Describing their recent efforts around the village of Vodanye, they said that so-called “blocking” units were sent in behind them to give them no escape from combat.

Blocking units, also called barrier troops or anti-retreat forces, are units placed behind main forces to prevent soldiers from fleeing or retreating.

They were used by the Red Army in World War I and World War II, in which Russian forces suffered enormous losses.

To get an idea of what it would be like—being stuck between the enemy and your own ‘Barrier/Blocking’ units, then recall or see the Enemy at the Gates film, near the beginning, when Vassili Zaitsev (Jude Law) is ‘forced into a suicidal charge without a rifle but with ammunition’.

Two men are shouting to the new incoming troops (AKA ‘single-use’ soldiers), and in the heat of the battle their shouts seem as one:

The one with the rifle shoots! One out of two gets rifle. The one without the rifle follows! When the one with the rifle gets killed, the one without picks up the rifle and shoots!

Right after that scene, the Russian ‘Barrier/Blocking’ units move in behind the charging new troops (AKA ‘single-use’ soldiers), whom are now between the Germans and the ‘Barrier/Blocking’ units.

Single-use’ Soldiers

Human wave tactics are demoralizing the Russian army in Ukraine:

It is no secret that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has not gone according to plan. Nevertheless, with the conflict now in its second year, Vladimir Putin still hopes to break Ukrainian resistance in a long war of attrition.

This may be easier said than done. While Russia enjoys significant demographic, industrial, and economic advantages over Ukraine, questions remain over the ability of the once-vaunted Russian military to achieve the Kremlin’s goals. Crucially, an apparent reliance on human wave tactics during Russia’s recent winter offensive has led to catastrophic losses which threaten to undermine morale within the ranks of Putin’s invading army.

Russia’s heaviest losses in recent months are believed to have occurred in battles for control over strategic towns in eastern Ukraine such as Bakhmut and Vuhledar, with Ukraine claiming to have killed or wounded tens of thousands of Russian soldiers. While unconfirmed, these figures are supported by extensive battlefield footage, much of which appears to show Russian troops engaged in reckless frontal assaults on entrenched defensive positions.

The human wave tactics on display in eastern Ukraine reflect Russia’s narrowing military options following a year of embarrassing battlefield setbacks. The Russian military entered the current war with a reputation as the world’s number two army, but has performed remarkably poorly in Ukraine. With many of his most experienced units and elite regiments decimated, Putin now hopes to grind down Ukraine’s resources and outlast the country’s Western backers by relying on superior numbers.

Human wave tactics are not new and typically involve soldiers conducting direct attacks in large numbers with the objective of overwhelming an opposing force. Such troops are often regarded as “single-use soldiers,” with each wave suffering heavy casualties as it attempts to move the front lines further forward. This is not the first time Russian troops have been called upon to conduct such attacks. During WWII, Soviet commanders often ordered Red Army soldiers into frontal assaults that resulted in exceptionally high death tolls.

Russia running out of ‘single-use’ soldiers:

Ukrainian commander accuses the Kremlin of ‘cannon fodder’ tactics by flooding the battlefield with untrained troops


Russia once had the “world’s number two army” – now their Air Force stays grounded for the most part since Ukraine is able to easily shoot their planes down. Their tank losses have been so massive that they are ‘Reactivating Soviet-Era T-54 Tanks’ (entered service in 1948).

Now Russia is forced to use ‘Meat Assaults’ or leave Ukraine, and Putin’s Legacy can’t handle leaving Ukraine until someone kills him or he runs out of Russian soldiers.


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