Tucker Carlson ‘Unplugged’ – with Devon Archer interview Tucker leaving MSM in Rearview mirror

Fox News was clearly an ‘Anchor’ around Tucker’s neck! Recent interviews with Andrew Tate, Ice Cube, and now Ep. 12 Part 1. Devon Archer.

MSM has to be green with envy!

I don’t know what timezone this interview is in, but – “2:00 PM · Aug 2, 2023 · 5M Views” @ 4:38 PM EST. WOW!!!


Andrew Tate Jul 11, 2023 interview shows 96.1M Views to this date. Ice Cube July 25 interview shows 11.7M Views and his July 26 interview shows 6.4M Views—to date.

BTW, 4:48 PM EST and this interview is at 5.3M Views. Ditto on the WOW!!!

After editing & proof reading—5:08 PM EST is showing 5.9M Views. Basically in the 30-minutes for me to put this together, this interview has gotten 900,000 VIEWS—WOW!!!

Tucker‘s interviews are apparently not scheduled in advance, not even daily, and just show up—to an apparently waiting audience!? He is smoking MSM right now, just with this setup.


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