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Ukraine’s approach against Russia – Lingchi (“Death by a Thousand Cuts”)

Karmi August 11, 2023

  Russia should’ve never reinvaded Ukraine—they know it now, after almost 18-months of incredible Russian losses. Dead: 252,200. Wounded: 756,600. Armored combat vehicles: 8,303. Tanks: 4278. Artillery: 5028. Aircraft: 315.


Apple apparently Supports Russia’s Reinvasion of Ukraine

Karmi August 10, 2023

Is Apple looking for another source of Slave Labor? Maybe the Chinese ain’t providing enough Uyghur slave labor to produce Apple products for Europe, and Apple is gambling on Russia


UUVs (Unmanned Underwater Vessels) for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet & Crimean Bridge

Karmi August 5, 2023

Russia, and much of the World, still haven’t figured out what Ukraine’s ‘Counteroffensive’ is about. Most everyone was expecting the usual mad dash of Tanks & Infantry into and/or around


Putin tried to “freeze Europe” – ended up destroying Russian “National Treasure”

Karmi August 4, 2023

‘Paper Bear’ Putin has to be dumber than President Joe Biden—which is almost impossible to be. Putin reinvaded Ukraine on 2/24/2022 thinking that Russia would capture Kyiv in a couple


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