Ukraine’s True History: Part 2 – ‘Russia’s centuries-long quest to conquer Ukraine’

Karmi’s NOTE: Series is from The Kyiv Independent. I have started following their UKRAINE’S TRUE HISTORY ‘n wanted to share it wid many Westerners who don’t get a lot of facts from their news sources. I’ll do a ‘Brief’ in ‘Snips’ of each episode, so be sure to follow the links to the entire episode.

Russia’s centuries-long quest to conquer Ukraine:

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022 shocked many around the world.

But anyone who paid attention to Ukrainian history would have seen it coming.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered several excuses for the invasion. One was to kill all the supposed “Nazis” in Ukraine. Another was to eliminate Ukraine’s supposed military threat to Russia.

But the true reason was to annex Ukraine as a territory that Putin believes has always rightfully belonged to Russia. In speeches that recalled imperial times, Putin claimed that Ukraine’s independence was a mistake that he intended to correct.

This meant conquering Kyiv, toppling the elected government, and destroying the Ukrainian national identity.

Putin’s twisted vision isn’t new. Russia has been doing this for close to 400 years.

Karmi’s NOTE: “Russia has been doing this for close to 400 years” – simply look at a world map ‘n realize Russia has been ‘Gobbling up’ it’s neighbors for centuries:

Largest Countries in the World (by area):

The largest country in the world is Russia with a total area of 17,098,242 Km² (6,601,665 mi²) and a land area of 16,376,870 Km² (6,323,142 mi²), equivalent to 11% of the total world’s landmass of 148,940,000 Km² (57,510,000 square miles).

Compare those Imperialistic facts wid this — Most Populous Countries in the World (2023):

Russia claims “11% of the total world’s landmass” wid a populous ‘World Share of 1.9%‘, and they are still trying to forcibly *TAKE* more of the world’s landmass!?!

Russia will expand its territory by gathering lands and spaces, since constant expansion is not just one of the ideas, but the true existential of our historical existence.


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