Ukraine’s True History: Part 1 – ’10 popular misconceptions about Ukrainian history, debunked’

Karmi’s NOTE: Series is from – The Kyiv Independent. I have started following their UKRAINE’S TRUE HISTORY ‘n wanted to share it wid many Westerners who don’t get a lot of facts from their news sources. I’ll do a ‘Brief’ in ‘Snips’ of each episode, so be sure to follow the links to the entire episode.

10 popular misconceptions about Ukrainian history, debunked:

From the birth of Kyivan Rus, the first East Slavic state, to the onset of armed conflicts in the ensuing centuries, untangling Ukraine’s past is never easy.

Ukraine – through its long and turbulent history – gained independence in 1991.

The country’s long history before and after independence has seen Ukrainians enduring wars, revolutions, occupations, and a fraught relationship with its neighbor, Russia

Understanding Ukraine’s origins becomes even more complex as Russia has been on a centuries-long quest to distort Ukrainian history in an attempt to justify its brutal invasions.

While most of the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign is dismissed by Ukraine, the West, and many around the world, the wide net that Russia’s false narratives have cast globally have allowed historical misconceptions to arise.

The Kyiv Independent has put together 10 common historical misconceptions about Ukraine that can still be commonly heard today.

  • Myth 1: Crimea has ‘always been Russian’
  • Myth 2: Ukrainians, Russians are ‘brotherly people’
  • Myth 3: Ukrainian culture is undeveloped
  • Myth 4: Holodomor was caused by poor harvests
  • Myth 5: Russians liberated Europe from Nazis
  • Myth 6: Ukrainian nationalists are ‘Nazis’
  • Myth 7: Moscow is the rightful successor of Kyivan Rus
  • Myth 8: Ukraine is a divided country: Nationalistic west vs. pro-Russian east
  • Myth 9: Communism is good
  • Myth 10: Ukraine is a puppet state controlled by the West

Karmi’s NOTE: Russia has been Imperialistic for centuries. Russia had been using “External expansion” methods long before Hitler came up wid – LEBENSRAUM.

Russia will expand its territory by gathering lands and spaces, since constant expansion is not just one of the ideas, but the true existential of our historical existence.


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