“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

“Borodyanka, Ukraine”

BBC News:

Borodyanka was one of the places hardest hit by Russia’s bombardment of Ukraine in the immediate aftermath of the 24 February invasion.


Thinking about trying Linux? ‘Here Be Dragons’ – *ATTENTION* Windows users!

Probably should be posting this at my Linux Newbie – since 1996 blog, but am liking this new Self-Hosted Blog so much that ‘Newbie‘ may be headed for ‘semiretirement‘ as a Linux Google search & reblogger blog. 😉

Have worked hard, for almost four years, promoting Linux at the Linux Newbie – since 1996 blog, i.e., primarily promoting it to Windows users as a Special *PURPOSE* Linuxes, a ‘Portable‘ OS, and a great ‘Secondary‘ or ‘Companion‘ OS to Windows 11 & 10 users.

However, Linux is primarily a Global Enterprise focused OS, which was valued at “USD 5200.0 million in 2021,” and “desktop” Linux (@ 2.6%) barely beats newcomer ChromeOS (@ 2.4%) at Usage share of operating systems. How popular is Linux as a “desktop” OS? I’ve had Linux posts make it to Google’s Front Page wid less than 150 views. 🤔


WP Categories Widget: Customizing WordPress Themes w/ sidebar Dropdown menus

I have recently started this Self-Hosted WordPress blog at Hostinger, and my longtime favorite Rowling theme just didn’t work right there. The Rowling theme works great on 3 WordPress.com blogs, but for some reason it was missing some dropdown menus, and some important custom settings not available for the same version when downloaded for my Self-Hosted WordPress blog.

Searched lots of free themes, but none were offering what I was looking for *OR* simply didn’t work for me, and I then decided to check out some premium themes. At some point during that premium theme search I came across the Multipurpose Blog theme ‘s free version, loved the look, but it was missing some things, IMHO. However, liked it well enough to check out their Multipurpose Blog Pro, and wid a coupon code they were offering it was only $29.25.

It was missing some dropdown menu widgets that I like, so another search began, this time for dropdown plugins/widgets…


Windows 11: Create & Pin “This PC” icon to the Windows 11 Taskbar

Have mainly just upgraded all my computers to Windows 11 Pro from Windows 10 Pro, since it was so easy ‘n reliable to do, but have also done some tests on doing a clean install of Windows 11. Spotted the “This PC” problem right away when doing the clean installs.

The upgrade method allows the “This PC” icon to stay and/or be added to the Taskbar, but the clean install method doesn’t offer the “Pin to taskbar” option. Can pin “This PC” to the Desktop and/or to the Start menu, but not to the Taskbar where I use it a lot…a *LOT*!!!


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