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Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has failed – China’s Economic Statistics go ‘Dark’

Karmi August 16, 2023

Xi Jinping’s foreign policy centerpiece – Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – has been failing/slowing for so long now that China ‘has stopped publishing tens of thousands of economic statistics’,


Apple apparently Supports Russia’s Reinvasion of Ukraine

Karmi August 10, 2023

Is Apple looking for another source of Slave Labor? Maybe the Chinese ain’t providing enough Uyghur slave labor to produce Apple products for Europe, and Apple is gambling on Russia


Putin tried to “freeze Europe” – ended up destroying Russian “National Treasure”

Karmi August 4, 2023

‘Paper Bear’ Putin has to be dumber than President Joe Biden—which is almost impossible to be. Putin reinvaded Ukraine on 2/24/2022 thinking that Russia would capture Kyiv in a couple


Russia (‘Foreman’) vs Ukraine (‘Ali’) & the “Rope-a-dope”

Karmi March 20, 2023

Looks like Russia is ‘running out of gas‘ all over Ukraine, but especially in ‘n around Bakhmut, which has been a main focus of Russia for a long time. Open


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