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I started to plagiarize the entire source for this blog post (soon an X post also), but since having no connections to Harvard like its President, PhD Claudine ‘Plagiarist’ Gay, humble me decided to credit the source.

I’m not a smart man, though am probably a lot smarter than Forrest Gump—just not as lucky, but once applied ‘In Person’ to Princeton University. Forrest thought he knew “what love is” – when I finally found out what it was, and what was involved, I became a hermit and life kept getting better after that. Chose being a swamp hermit rather than a mountain top one. 👍🙂👌

Twitter & Tweets vs X & Posts

The balls of Elon Musk, huh. Probably can’t see them from space like Zelenskyy’s though. 😉

I had used Twitter for 10-12 years before Musk stole it from the Progressives, but never cared much for it, and was terrible at using it. Progressives were great at it since lies don’t require many characters, but even the 280-character limit was difficult for me, and the original 140-character limit was impossible for me.

Elon Musk concluded the Acquisition of Twitter on 10/27/2022, and I signed up for the $8 per month Twitter Blue subscription on 12/14/2022. On 10/14/2023 the subscription automatically changed from Twitter Blue to X Premium. The speeds that Musk moves at can leave this humble swamp hermit almost dizzy at times.

In early April 2023 Twitter “quietly became X Corp.” Guess I heard about the rebranding of Twitter to X around 7/24/2023, and was surprised by such a move. Didn’t like the change at all – what the heck was Musk doing!?!?!?!?!

Today, 12/17/2023, I find myself using the name X as easily as I used Twitter previously. However, just learned today what the former “Tweet” is now called – ‘Tweets are now posts.

The article is behind a New York Times paywall, but I got past it using a Tor browser the first time. I will gladly pay X $8 per month for a subscription, but wouldn’t pay the New York Times 1-cent per decade for their subscription—well, not unless Elon Musk acquired it. 😁

Forgot to mention earlier – X Premium allows me 25,000 characters per post, but I haven’t been able to write one that long so far. 👌👍

Overton Window & Advertisers

Apparently Politicians and Advertisers are a lot alike, especially when it comes to Policies or Products. Here’s the featured image again:

I don’t really know much about the Overton Window, but apparently know more than the entire WOKE Walt Disney Co:

That’s the Disney 5-year stock chart. Can you guess when they went WOKE? Their stock had already started dropping in November 2021. Then in March 2022 Disney’s Leadership decided to support Child Groomers & Child Grooming against Gov. Ron DeSantis, and their stock took a serious drop. Here’s what they said on page 18 of their recent SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION report:

Yeah, Child Groomers & Child Grooming ain’t real popular with the “public and consumer tastes and preferences” of a majority of Americans.

So, ‘Advertiser’ Disney, who has been damaging its ‘Name’ for 2-3 years now, decides to join the Progressive WOKE Boycott Bandwagon against Elon Musk’s X.

Basically, Disney is continuing its attack against the “public and consumer tastes and preferences” of a majority of Americans, who appreciate ‘the new “Freedom of Speech” rules that X’ had brought to it by Elon Musk.

Who is Farzad Mesbahi?

He’s a lot smarter than Forrest and me put together, for sure. 😳

Farzad Mesbahi:

Farzad was born on January 19th, 1987 in Cordoba, Spain, as the elder of two sons. His parents were immigrants who left Iran during the revolution of 1979 in search for a better life.

After 12 years in Spain, the family emigrated to the United States; first settling in Montclair, New Jersey, and in 2003 moving to Pennsylvania. He attended Liberty High School in Bethlehem until 2005, when he got in to Penn State University from which he graduated in 2009 with a BS in Mathematics and a Minor in Statistics.

In 2010, Farzad started his career at Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, the premier Pet Food and Pet Supply distributor in the US. He left the company after 7 years as a Director of Business Intelligence and Pricing after successfully building out a Business Intelligence suite and executing pricing strategies.

In 2016 Farzad married the love of his life, Cindy. They launched a business in the same year – an escape room named Human vs. Room servicing the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. It had a successful run for 4 years and closed up right before the COVID-19 pandemic in December 2019.

In 2017 he joined Tesla based out of Bethlehem PA, helping the ramp of the company’s parts distribution network in the US and overseas. He left Tesla in 2021 after a successful build out of the network as a Program Manager.

In 2021, Farzad finds himself with Cindy in Austin, Texas, beginning a journey to find his true passions and give back to the universe what it has given him.

He’s actively creating content on YouTube and X related to the future of technology. He’s also building out a fashion line and slowly writing a book while he finds his way through this weird thing called life.

Source for this Post

X Has Already Won:

Elon Musk closed the acquisition of Twitter, now X, in October of 2022. Once that deal was closed, a bunch of advertisers left the platform out of fear of their brands being impacted by the new “Freedom of Speech” rules that X was looking to implement.

snip … After leaving the platform for a few weeks, almost all advertisers have come back, albeit with lower ad spends. However, earlier this year, X gave guidance that the platform is near cash-flow neutral, minus debt obligations. This means that even though the platform has suffered losses in terms of ad revenue, the company is close to being self-sufficient.

snip … Fast forward a few months, and after controversial comments made by Elon and an effort by Media Matters to encourage advertisers to boycott the platform, advertisers left again.

However – just like the first time, after a few weeks, advertisers are beginning to come back.

snip … I think all of this points to something quite clear – the Overton Window is beginning to shift, and with it, a massively profitable endeavor for advertisers.

For those that are not familiar, the Overton Window is a term used to express what is “acceptable” to be discussed in a given time period. If you compare what is acceptable to be discussed on X today, vs what was acceptable on Twitter pre-acquisition, you can very clearly see that the “acceptable” topics are much more diverse and plentiful. This means that the Overton Window has shifted.

snip … What does this mean for X? It’s quite simple – X’s willingness to stand for Free Speech, even when the CEO makes statements that cause the business to temporarily lose revenue, is creating a brand new market for advertisers that previously did not exist precisely due to an unwillingness to embrace Freedom of Speech.

snip … I do not suspect we’ll see another advertisers boycott in the future because of this dynamic. There’s way too much money to be made, and now that the Overton Window has shifted to where the “public” is now “comfortable” with listening to dissenting and controversial opinions, advertisers will be tripping over themselves to advertise on X over the long term.

That’s enough – be sure to read the entire Post by Farzad @farzyness – a must read! 👍


Don’t have X? Do yourself a favor – stop listening to the WOKE Progressives and get yourself an account. IMHO, X is headed to a place that 90++% of us have no clue about.

The Federal Government is trying to stop Elon Musk from providing a “Free Speech” platform, especially after he exposed them in the Twitter Files.

Again, be sure to read the entire X Has Already Won post by Farzad @farzyness.


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