Racists having Holiday Party – ‘NO WHITES ALLOWED

Racist Democrat Boston Mayor Michelle Wu threw a ‘NO WHITES ALLOWED’ Holiday Party for other Racists. Here is the list of Racists who attended:

The Electeds of Color: From left to right: Rep. Samantha Montano, Rep. Russell Holmes, his wife, fiancé of City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo and Arroyo, Suffolk DA Kevin Hayden, his wife, City Councilor Ruthzee Louijeune, Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s husband Conan Harris, Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins, City Hall aide Juan Lopez, Enrique Pepen, mayor Wu, Rep. Brandy Fluker-Oakley, unidentified man, Rep. Chris Worrell and state Sen. Liz Miranda

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu proudly shares photo from her no whites holiday party: Guests included Squad member Ayanna Pressley’s drug trafficker ex-con husband:

* The Democrat has continued to downplay the scandal surrounding the event

* The guests included three people fined for breaking ethics laws

* Wu has stood by the party, saying it’s tradition and not out of the norm in politics

Critics say ‘affinity group’ is a modern term used to sell segregated spaces and groups.

The picture of the controversial affair comes after prominent Boston conservative Howie Carr’s slammed mayor Wu in a blistering op-ed for the Boston Herald where he branded attendees as the ‘Wu Klux Klan.’

‘What if a white mayor had held a whites-only party at a city-owned building, after specifically disinviting all the non-white members of the City Council?’ the veteran radio host wrote.

‘It would have been the end of the world, a national story for days if not weeks on end. On the night of the party, there would have been rioting, or looting and violence.

Yes, certainly not a “national story” when the Democratic party’s bigoted/racist MSM basically ignores it.

Top Boston conservative slams Mayor Michelle Wu for her no whites ‘WU KLUX KLAN’ holiday party: Says there’d have been rioting and looting had races been reversed:

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu has been slammed by one of the city’s top conservatives for holding a no whites holiday party whose attendees he branded the ‘Wu Klux Klan’.

Over the past few years or so, the Democratic party has made Hitler’s Nazi Party and the white supremacists’ Ku Klux Klan look like ‘Saints’.

The Democratic party openly supports: 1) Child Grooming. 2) a ‘Deep State‘ that goes after opponents of the Democratic party, i.e., parents who speak out against Child Grooming and GOP candidates, etc. 3) supports Antisemitism. 4) supports stopping of all Free Speech that doesn’t follow the Democratic party’s agenda and/or ‘Talking Points‘.

If the Democratic party gains much more power, then we’ll see them creating Re-education camps & Death camps…


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