Windows 11 23H2 update – Dell laptop got it already

My Dell XPS 13 got the 23H2 update on 10/31/2023, but my three home built desktops still haven’t gotten the update. My computers are listed Here.

Was doing a daily update on ‘XPS13‘ and a notice popped up saying that the 23H2 update was ready whenever I wanted it.

I had been looking for it on my three desktops for a few days, but no notice on them even today.

Here’s a XPS 13 pic:

Note that I hadn’t even selected the “Get the latest updates” options on the Dell.

I selected that option some time ago on the three desktops, e.g., on the the ‘Apevia‘ desktop:

I could use the Installation Assistant or Media Creation Tool, and may try the Assistant method on one desktop in the morning, but am not really in a big rush to do all three right now.

Here’s the Dell XPS 13 About pic:

Like I said, the note that the 23H2 update was ready just popped up, and then I clicked update it.

Installation went very fast, and have had no issues on it yet, but I don’t use it a lot and want to see it on one of the desktops.

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