Open Gaza Hospitals for Inspection & prove they are not ‘Shields’ for Hamas

May 1967 – Egyptian president Nasser announced that the Straits of Tiran would again be closed to Israeli vessels, and then moved the Egyptian military aggressively along the border with Israel.

Israel reminded Egypt of its post-1956 position that another Egyptian closure of the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping would be a definite casus belli.

Egypt ignored the Israeli warning, and on 6/5/1967 the Six-Day War began – involving Israel against Egypt, Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, Egyptian-occupied Gaza Strip, Jordan, Jordanian-annexed West Bank, Syria, and many other Arab countries.

Israel quickly won that war and claimed Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Egyptian-occupied Gaza Strip, Jordanian-annexed West Bank, and Syria’s Golan Heights.

Just 56-years latter – the Gaza Palestinians launched another war against Israel. Now they are whining to the world about how mean the Israelis are to them.

The 10/7/2023 Gaza Palestinian sneak attack resulted in the beheading, murder, and kidnapping of Israeli babies. Resulted in the raping, murder, beheading, and kidnapping of Israeli women & children. More than 1,400 people were killed during that sneak attack in Israel, including children, and more than 4,500 people were injured.

Still, these Gaza Palestinian cowards whine to the world about how mean the Israelis are to them.

Pre & Post Six-Day War

Israel gave the Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt, following the implementation of the 1979 Egypt–Israel peace treaty, and Egypt’s recognition of Israel as a legitimate sovereign state.

Israel is 0.35 times as big as Sinai Peninsula, so that was a huge chunk of land to give up for Peace & Recognition.

Palestinians train their children from birth to *HATE* the Jews—to *HATE* Israel. We saw the results of that training on 10/7/2023. Gaza Palestinians will no longer be allowed to have armed forces like Hamas.

Open Gaza Hospitals for Inspection

If the Gaza Hospitals are not just ‘Shields’ for Hamas, then the Gaza Palestinians must prove it by allowing a team of Inspectors, made up of the UN & Israelis, to inspect the Hospitals.

Gaza Palestinians started this war, and should not be allowed to hide their Hamas armed forces in, around, or under their so-called Hospitals & schools.

If the Gaza Palestinians want Israel to restore their water, electricity, and communications – then they must open those Hospitals for Inspection, show where the hostages are, show where the tunnels are located, turnover or point out who the members of their Hamas armed forces are, and recognize Israel as a legitimate sovereign state.


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