Porteus 5.0 Cinnamon – Part 5: Installing LibreOffice

Still moving some posts from my old Linux Newbie – Since 1996 blog—which is now Private, and may end up being deleted. Was started as a testing & experimenting blog for Linux, but have now moved on to a self-hosted blog. Lots of the info was obsolete, and I am only transferring a small amount of original posts.

This is Part 5 in the Porteus v5.0 series that I am transferring here. Am having to transfer pics and also edit the original 7/11/2022 post, so the version of LibreOffice here is an older one. 😉The series is now being located HERE.

Installing LibreOffice

I’m am going to use pics from a Porteus 5.0-rc3 4/10/2022 post. (remember this is an old Post transfer)😉 That Version was and the new Version I just installed is using the same installation method, i.e. this method installs an updated one. Mainly just focus on the Method and not the versions.

(NOTE: If you haven’t logged in as root, installation may require you to—see 9/28/2023 Porteus-v5.01 post on how I automatically log in a the root user)

1) Open a terminal ‘n type: update-libreoffice

2a) After you pick the language (mine was en-US) type: update-libreoffice en-US

2b) It starts “Downloading” the live script ‘n then the libreoffice file ‘n then asks “Do you want to build LibreOffice 7.3.2 xzm module? [y/n]” – enter: y

3) When it finishes, it will leave a message at the bottom saying where the “LibreOffice module” is, and then says “Please move it to your modules folder to survive a reboot.”

4) Move LibreOffice-7.3.2-x86_64-en-US-1bl.xzm from /tmp to the porteus modules folder (/mnt/sda1/porteus/modules). You could “Activate” it now, by clicking on it in the porteus modules folder, or just wait ‘n let the reboot do it. (new Windows users – tmp is located @ Files folder > File System)

5a) Reboot the computer.

5b) After rebooting open the Menu:


Have installed the new Porteus 5.0 Linux OS…added a browser to it, and have just added an office suite – LibreOffice. We now have a portable, fast & powerful lightweight Linux OS that is ready to start ‘Working‘!

I believe one more Part will do it…an interesting one since I’m still learning the ins ‘n outs of the Porteus module creating & Package Management.

Will add this post to the Porteus Linux page.

(NOTE: I had tested 100’s of Linux Distros at the old Linux Newbie blog, but Porteus quickly became a favorite – see my Linux Top 10++ page)

...to be continued.


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