Gun Safety courses for American Schools & Mine Safety courses for Ukrainian Schools


Many American Public schools no longer focus on teaching The three Rs – said as “reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic“. Public schools in America focus more on Sexually Grooming Children, and teaching the racist Critical Race Theory (CRT), which results in articles like this:

U.S. reading and math scores drop to lowest level in decades – ‘The average test scores for U.S. 13-year-olds have dipped in reading and dropped sharply in math … The average scores, from tests given last fall, declined 4 points in reading and 9 points in math, compared with tests given in the 2019-2020 school year, and are the lowest in decades … Among Black students, math scores declined 13 points, while white students had a 6-point drop. Compared with the 35-point gap between Black and white students in 2020, the disparity widened to 42 points.

(NOTE the different spelling of black & white for students – “between Black and white students” – which is about as racist as it can get, and is what is happening in America’s Public Schools)

24% of 13-year-old students report taking algebra in 2022-23, down from 34% a decade ago:

Patron, Bomb-Sniffing Dog & Mine Safety courses

Whilst the American schoolchildren are being Sexually Groomed and taught the racist Critical Race Theory (CRT) – the Ukrainian schoolchildren are being taught how to read & write, to do math, about science, and also being taught Mine Safety courses. No, not about coal or diamond or etc. mines, but an explosive Land mine weapon.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the Ukrainian schoolchildren’s schools are also being bombed by the Russians, and that the Russians have buried *LOTS* of mines throughout Ukraine.

Ukrainian schoolchildren to take mine safety courses

Ukraine’s Education Ministry is developing a course in cooperation with UNICEF on mine safety for Ukrainian schoolchildren, one that will become a mandatory part of the curriculum, the ministry announced on Aug. 14

“Education should give a child useful knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, now and for a long time to come, mine safety knowledge and skills will be extremely relevant in Ukraine,” Education Minister Oksen Lisovy said.

“It is the job of adults and the entire education system to provide children with all possible information on how to stay safe.”

According to President Zelensky, over 200,000 square kilometers of Ukrainian land – roughly one-third of its territory – have been mined by Russian forces as of June.

According to the U.N. Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, landmines have already caused 100 child casualties since the start of the full-scale invasion on Feb. 24, 2022.


Progressives say that teaching Gun Safety courses to children in American Public Schools is too dangerous for innocent children. However, these same Progressives see nothing wrong about Sexually Grooming these innocent children, or allowing them to make life-altering decisions about their Biological Sex, or openly teaching racist doctrines to them—like the Critical Race Theory (CRT) to these innocent children.


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