Tucker Carlson ‘Unplugged’ – Ep. 10 Stay in your lane: drive thru South Central LA with Ice Cube

Unplugged’ from the restrictive reins of Fox News—Tucker Carlson is on such a roll that it must make MSM, Child Groomers, Democratic party, Progressives, National Education Association (NEA), American Federation of Teachers (AFT), National Basketball Association (NBA), Adam Silver, ‘Da WOKE movement, etc. ‘Quake in their shoes’.

Ice Cube (‘If the Truth hurts, say Ouch!):

O’Shea Jackson Sr. (born June 15, 1969), better known as Ice Cube, is an American rapper, songwriter, actor, and film producer. His lyrics on N.W.A’s 1988 album Straight Outta Compton contributed to gangsta rap’s widespread popularity, and his political rap solo albums AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted (1990), Death Certificate (1991), and The Predator (1992) were all critically and commercially successful. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of N.W.A in 2016.

A native of Los Angeles…

Ep. 10 Stay in your lane


Ep. 9 was the Andrew Tate interview, Ep. 10 was Stay in your lane: our drive through South Central LA with Ice Cube, and looks like (?) Ep. 11 – “(next episode: Ice Cube sits down with us at his studio)” will be another make ’em ‘Quake in their shoes’.


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