DeSantis is a Leader – Trump is a ‘Bossman’ (AKA Businessman)

Whilst most all ‘Talking Heads‘ were ridiculing the DeSantis Twitter Presidential Launch – a huge amount of voters just ignored the glitches and gave “$8.2million in the first 24 hours” after the launch.

Trump (a *BIG* supporter of Child Grooming Disney) was one of the first to start running his foul mouth. How did Trump do in the first 24 hours after his launch? I’m not sure, but he “raised $9.5million in the six weeks after announcing his 2024 campaign in November.” DeSantis has almost six weeks left to beat that figure.

Joe Biden raised $6.3million “within 24 hours of announcing his candidacy in 2019.”

Ron DeSantis says he has raised more than $8Million in first 24 hours of presidential campaign despite shambolic Twitter launch:

Ron DeSantis has raised $8.2million in the first 24 hours as a presidential candidate, his campaign said Thursday, despite his disastrous campaign lunch on Twitter.

The total dwarfs the $6.3million that Joe Biden raised within 24 hours of announcing his candidacy in 2019. The Florida Governor is also on track to beat the early figures of his Republican rival Donald Trump who raised $9.5million in the six weeks after announcing his 2024 campaign in November.

DeSantis formally launched his campaign Wednesday night in a shambolic interview with Elon Musk on Twitter Spaces – the app’s live audio streaming feature. The online stream suffered repeated delays and crashes, making it difficult for most users to hear the announcement in real time.

However, it appears this has not slowed his presidential run down or dampened supporters’ enthusiasm as they said donors raised $1 million in just a single hour.

The MAGA ‘Trumpers‘ pestered me into supporting Trump over Cruz in 2016 – even tho Trump lacked any Leadership & Political experience. NOTE: for the most part, the MAGA ‘Trumpers‘ are as bad as the ‘WOKE‘ Mobs, IMHO.

BTW, being a ‘Bossman‘ (AKA Businessman) doesn’t make one a leader – not in the sense of following that person into battle during a war or getting something done at a Top Government position.

  • Ronald Reagan was a Leader – surrounded himself with qualified advisors, and people loved him. Sure, there were plenty of haters, but he didn’t allow them to interfere with the job he was doing.

Trump was lost from the start – outta his league, and it was obvious. A total lack of Leadership ability. He was a disaster for all those close to him – in his administration. He had bragged about ‘Draining The Swamp‘, but The Swamp literally *PWNED* his ‘Bossman‘ arse during the four years of his presidency, and still do


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