Meghan and Harry – ‘The World-Wide Privacy Tour’

Poor Meghan & Harry – 😢 – they try sooooooooo hard to find privacy from ‘Da World dat Adores dem. South Park is ‘Nailing‘ their “Privacy” this time!

South Park savages Meghan and Harry as ‘dumb and stupid’ Prince and Princess who scream ‘we want privacy’ during tour promoting his book ‘Waaagh:

South Park took aim at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Wednesday in an episode depicting the Prince and Princess of Canada – a young royal couple who loudly beg for privacy while drawing attention to themselves.

South Park’s cartoon couple may be fictional, but they are undeniably inspired by the Sussexes

Arriving on the set of Good Morning Canada, the prince holds aloft a placard reading ‘We want privacy’, while the princess’s banner reads: ‘Stop looking at us.’

Well, I thought that I was one of the few who couldn’t stand their nonstop 24/7 promoting of themselves… 😉


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