Is a “Woke” World about to get a *WAKE-UP Call* from Mother Nature?

Mother Nature has always supported the ‘Survival of the Fittest‘ concept…so to speak of the obvious.

What does ‘She‘ think of a “Woke” World that considers ‘Her‘ to be so weak that ‘She‘ is in desperate need of egotistical human help?!

What does ‘She‘ think of a “Woke” World that teaches sex changes to innocent Children? Worse yet, what does Mother Nature think of a “Woke” World that can’t even define what a “Woman” is?!?!?!


Russia’s leaders had grown so corrupt, fat, and in love wid how ‘Powerful‘ they were that ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin decided to invade Ukraine. Acting like World War II Nazis themselves, these ‘Powerful‘ egotistical Russians falsely claimed that a ‘Denazification‘ of the sovereign Ukraine nation was needed!?! BTW, Ukraine has a democratically elected Jewish President.

Ukraine has been kicking Russian buttocks ever since Russia invaded them on 02/24/2022. Is this the way that Mother Nature is revealing how Russia is no longer amongst the ‘Fittest‘? I don’t think so, i.e., I suspect that was just the beginning of a much larger picture…

Prelude to Pruning?

NATO Membership for Sweden and Finland on Track

Chinese and Indian soldiers slug it out hand to hand in brutal border clashesTensions between the world’s two most populous countries have once again boiled over, with a total of 31 troops injured.

Turkey’s leader warns Greece that ballistic missiles can hit Athens

Japan to buy Tomahawk missiles in defense buildup amid fears of warAlarmed by increasing security threats and the risk of war in the Indo-Pacific, Japan will seek to purchase hundreds of U.S. built Tomahawk cruise missiles .. these steps signal a Japan moving to shed its longtime pacifist constraints .. Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine was “absolutely” a pivotal factor in creating the political climate that allowed the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to push a strong national security agenda .. For the Japanese, the war in Ukraine has made a Chinese invasion of Taiwan appear much more possible, deepening the public’s concern over Japan’s military readiness in the event of a regional conflict.


Keys of Note: 1. Sweden ‘n Finland’s sudden move to become members of NATO. 2. Japan’s sudden move to ‘acquire second-strike capability‘. 3. The second theft of luggage by Biden’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, “Sam not the Man” Sam Brinton. 4. Egotistical humans believing that humanity is more powerful than Mother Nature.


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