President Joe Biden’s *LIES* vs Rep. George Santos’ lies

Joe Biden has been lying for decades ‘n decades ‘n decades. George Santos is only 34 years old ‘n Biden has been lying for well over 34 years. Has the Democratic Party’s MSM puppets ever made a 24/7 issue of Biden’s lies? No. Has the Democratic party ever called for Joe Biden to leave public office because of his proven *LIES*? No, and in fact Democrats recently elected him President of the United States even wid his looooooog history of *LYING* to the American public.

Listen to ‘Some‘ of Biden’s decades ‘n decades ‘n decades of *LIES*:


GarageGate – White House & DoJ Cover-up Extraordinaire *AND* who is Kathy Chung?!

What is Biden ‘n the DoJ (FBI?) trying to cover-up? The DoJ sent the FBI ‘n Democratic party’s MSM puppets to raid Trump’s home, but the White House & DoJ tried to obscure the #GarageGate from public view at first. When the White House & DoJ could no longer cover-up the emerging story, they both agreed to let Biden’s Attorneys conduct the searches instead of the FBI ‘n a horde of the Democratic party’s MSM puppets.

Now, in desperation, this White House, DoJ, Progressives & ‘The Swamp‘ “Dream Team” is trying to divert blame from Biden to Trump – *AND/OR* – some woman Hunter Biden recommended, a mysterious Kathy Chung. How mysterious?


What to expect from Democratic Party Leadership – in California

Democrats egotistical attempt at saving Planet Earth, since Mother Nature is soooooo weak and in desperate need of *HELP* from the much more powerful humans (snicker), Genius Progressive States like ‘Environmental Friendly‘ California allow their forests to burn rather than clean up dead wood – *AND/OR* – disturb “endangered” rodents – *AND/OR* – plan for Drought…

Michael Ramirez says it best – California’s Most Wasted Resource 01-18-23:

  • California is in the midst of a multi-year drought and despite recent flooding, the state allows billions of gallons of rainwater to drain into the ocean.β€”Michael

Twitter & Twitter Blue finally *BREAK FREE* of Progressive’s Totalitarian control!

America’s Progressives now seek to totally destroy Elon Musk for exposing them, ‘The Swamp‘, and the Democratic party. Twitter was a powerful tool for the Democratic party & ‘The Swamp‘ to use against their opponents…to empower the State in order to control and regulate all human activity here in America.

Before getting into the now infamous Twitter Files, I want to mention how proud I am of my new Twitter verification & “Blue checkmark” – \o/ β€˜Hippity hip Hoorahβ€˜ \o/


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