I had started this Hostinger self-hosted KM&T blog on 11/3/2022, as almost an ongoing experiment (4-year subscription), but liked it immediately, which left me wid a few other blogs. Went wid the 4-year subscription after I had first tested one of Hostinger’s 1-month subscriptions ($12.49) wid a 1-year Domain Registration – (on sale for $1.17). Deleted the Hostinger 1-month plan after letting it just expire, then deleted one of the free blogs, but kept two.

Have been using them both to promote this new KM&T blog, hoping that WordPress Reader would send some viewers this way, but not much action from either of them. Linux Newbie – since 1996 is still averaging about 40+ views a day from searches, and the numbers are rising again after Google had tampered wid the November Mid-term elections here in America. Was getting over 120+ views a day a few weeks before the election…then a sudden plunge in views.

Will probably keep them both around, but time will tell…

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