Media & Investigative Links to Russia’s War on Ukraine

Usually, I trust the Democrat’s mainstream media (MSM) puppets less than North Korea’s, Iran’s, China’s, and Russia’s Govt news agencies all put together. However, any news coming out of the Kremlin now is absolutely not trustworthy, i.e., since their arses are being kicked by the Ukrainians the Kremlin doesn’t dare to tell the truth.

Russia is now like some ‘Prison Punk‘ shouting out threats to everyone if they don’t let them have Ukraine. Russia didn’t become the largest country in the world (by area) by being friendly to their neighbors. Russia is 11% of Earth’s landmass:

234 countries ‘n Russia owns 11% of the landmass, but has historically always wanted more.

Putin signs New Law

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin continued his campaign against critical and opposition voices by cracking down on several major opposition media outlets while continuing to platform highly critical Russian milbloggers. Putin signed a law on January 25 designating several major Russian language media and investigative outlets, including Meduza, Important Stories, Bellingcat, The Bell, and The Insider as undesirable organizations within Russia, outlawing the publication, distribution, or financial support of the organizations and their publications.

I was already using The Insider ‘n Bellingcat.

Media & Investigative Links

ISW has been my favorite source for what is happening in Ukraine since the Russian invasion. Here are the other links that I use…older first:

Newer ones just added:

Other less Russia/Ukraine links that I have found useful are: BBC, Hot Air, and Daily Mail.


Putin has Russia in a mess right now, and it will probably never recover. There is no way for him to win in Ukraine as long as the West is helping Ukraine. Europe now knows that they will be next if Ukraine loses, so they are offering as much help as they can right now, and with a focus on providing long-term help until Ukraine wins.

Putin has caused NATO to grow, wid Finland & Sweden soon to join, and eventually Ukraine will also become a member.

Putin has exposed just how weak the Russian military is, and now is the time to take advantage of his mistake…by providing Ukraine wid all the help they need.


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