Reset this PC – “Factory Reset a Windows 11 PC”

Windows 10 Home & Pro reach end of support on 10/14/2025 so I won’t go into how to reset those PCs. Most Windows 10 PCs can be upgraded for free to Windows 11—those that can’t be upgraded still have almost 30-months left. Reset this PC is a little different for Windows 10, but basically the same ‘Steps‘ wid slight differences in some terminology.

This is the third part of ‘Sorta a series‘ on ways that Microsoft offers Windows users different options to refresh their PCs and/or recover from various PC issues that can happen—issues usually caused by the users and/or an OEM software/hardware issue.

I’ve built most of my own computers (‘BYOC‘) ‘n haven’t had any issues wid them; however, the SupportAssist on my Dell XPS 13 9310 recently started acting up after some updates—that also included BIOS & Firmware upgrades.

XPS13‘ is about 19-months old, but I still don’t want to do a lot of ‘Experimenting‘ on it just yet – hey, it’s my first purchased Dell lappie!!! 😊 After pondering the issue for a while, during which time I decided to write this ‘Sorta a series, a Reset this PC seemed the better solution:


System Restore, creating Restore Points, and restoring your Windows PC

Sometimes, PCs fail—for whatever reasons ‘n users want their PCs back in working order as quickly as possible. The problem may have been caused by the user, OEM, software, new or broke hardware, and in very rare cases—the Windows OS itself.

From my experience, PC OEMs have usually been the problem, especially wid their added OEM software, and a Lenovo desktop computer was the most troublesome computer I’ve ever owned. When Windows Vista came out (1/30/2007) one could find incredible bargain prices on new Vista PCs, and I purchased three different ones at that time—that troublesome Lenovo desktop was one. Finally got that Lenovo working right by just wiping out the OS drive and doing a completely new installation of Vista on it – without any of their OEM software.

Windows 10 & 11 provide at least three easy solutions to most of the PC problems that users come across, and I am on #2 wid this post – #1 was Backup and Restore (Windows 7) ‘n #3 will be Reset PC. I’ll be linking to each one in the future as I finish ‘n post them.

Truthfully, I have never had any issues wid either Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro, on the desktop computers I have built – ‘Build Your Own Computer’ (BYOC). I recently had an issue wid my Dell XPS 13 9310, the Dell SupportAssist wasn’t working right, and that is the reason I came up wid the idea for these three posts. 19-months without any issues, but then a SupportAssist issue the other day.


Backup and Restore (Windows 7) – a utility for your Windows 10 or 11 PC

This post is on how to do a full Backup and Restore of your Windows 10/11 PC, using a backup system image you created, and then restore that backup image to a new drive – maybe your PC’s drive crashed or you moved to a bigger drive.

Am planning two more similar posts – 1) Configuring System Restore ‘n then creating restore points which can be used later, if something you added or an update went wrong, to restore your PC back to a point before something went wrong. 2) Reset PClets you perform a clean reinstallation and update of Windows while keeping your personal data and most Windows settings intact. In some cases, a clean installation may improve your device’s performance, security, browsing experience, and battery life‘. ‘Sorta‘ a series…so to speak. 🙂

Create a backup System Image


Putin’s Military Command changes since start of reinvasion on Feb 24, 2022

Paper Bear‘ Putin fancies himself as a great Military Expert – when in reality he is nothing more than a totalitarian Tyrant with lots of experience as a ‘Crooked Cop‘.

Here are some of the Military Command changes he has made since he foolishly reinvaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022 — whilst also foolishly believing he would ‘capture Kyiv in mere days‘:


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