Russia women *ORDERED* to have ‘eight more children’ to replace War dead

Whar’s all the Trans Women when needed? They can’t give birth to babies, but Putin can send them to the front lines as cannon fodder for now.

Last September Russia said “5,937” soldiers had died.

August of 2023 BBC and Mediazona have identified the names of 29,217 Russian military members killed in Ukraine since February 2022.

Why is Putin demanding that each Russian woman start producing “eight more children” if less then 30,000 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine!?

Maybe this has something to do with it: “His comments come as Russia’s population fell by 550,000 during first year of the war in Ukraine.” OK, that would explain why Putin wants Russian women to start producing lots of children.

Let’s be conservative and say Russia lost 400,000 soldiers in their unprovoked war against Ukraine. That means Russia has about – 400,000 x 3 = 1,200,000 wounded soldiers to date.

Vladimir Putin demands Russian women have ‘eight more children’ to make up for war deaths:

Russian President Vladimir Putin is demanding that women in his country have “seven, eight or more” children to boost the population.

“Having many children, a large family, should become a norm, a way of life for all the people of Russia. A family is not just the foundation for state and society, it is a spiritual phenomenon, the source of morality.”

His comments come as Russia’s population fell by 550,000 during first year of the war in Ukraine.

Some have blamed Russia’s population woes on the war in Ukraine leaving families reluctant to start families.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has said… “Nor does the militarization of life in Russia encourage people to add to their families, except for those who consider it their duty to supply the motherland with cannon fodder for future wars.”

Does Putin know how long it takes to produce a baby? Nine months. We’re looking at over 72 months for a woman to produce eight babies—if she doesn’t take a break between each birth!?

What happens if a woman refuses Putin’s demands?


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